Over-60s can still apply for UAE employment

I intend to visit Dubai on a tourist visa in October and then look for a job either as a teacher or translator. The possible issue is that I am 60 and will be 61 in a few months’ time. I have found mixed information regarding whether a visa is available to me and would be grateful if you could clarify the rules. HK, Egypt

With effect from January 2011, the Ministry of Labour has accepted requests for employment-related residency visas for individuals over the age of 60 and up to the age of 65.

For most people this means they will be able to work until 65 if their employer makes the right application, and in some specific cases, where a person has a certain type of expertise, for example in fields such as medicine or engineering, the age limit can be extended further.

Unlike most employment visas in the UAE, which are for two or three years, someone over the age of 60 may only be issued with a visa for a period of 12 months, so there will be additional costs and work in arranging this every year for an employer.

Another consideration is exactly where a person might be working and who the sponsor would be. Most free zones are not obliged to fully follow UAE Labour Law, particularly in reference to changes, although most have adopted it, so not all will permit any visa applications for someone over 60.

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