Pakistan: Sending Eid greeting cards going out of fashion: Report

In the age of e-cards and Whatsapp, old practices of sending physical cards vanishing

ISLAMABAD: In this era of mobile and social media connectivity, the old trend of wishing people on special occasions like Eid through hard-paper Eid greeting cards is vanishing gradually

Today’s generation prefers wishing friends, family and relatives through electronic greetings, WhatsApp messages or short messaging service (SMS).

A report aired by a private news channel said that as Muslims await Eid and prepare for the festivities, the trend of sending Eid cards with hand scribbled messages to family, friends, relatives and business associates is fast disappearing from society.

Eid cards have become relics of the past because of digital technology which allows for timely delivery and quick reply, said shopkeeper Kamran Mehmood.

The tradition of sending cards in a stamped envelope is being replaced by other ways of connecting in many households, often with an electronic card or a photo, said a 40 year old citizen Ayyan Ali.

It was once a routine for most families to spend time appropriately selecting, purchasing, writing and posting Eid greeting cards to friends and families. But now, it has become a rarity, said a 35 year old schoolteacher Asma Abbasi. “We used to exchange different kinds of Eid cards with unique designs and texts. I even remember there being some musical cards back in the day. I loved opening them repeatedly,” he recalled, adding: “Children these days do not even know what an Eid card is.”

Shopkeepers who once used to display a variety of greeting cards the month leading to Eid, also complained about a fall in their business, saying the main reason of this dying culture is digital technology.

In the past, Eid card business used to flourish after mid-Ramadan and continued until Chand Raat (day before Eid), said Zia Khan, a shopkeeper who used to display hundreds of greeting cards on every Eid and other festive occasions.

And though there are still some people who would not mind sending Eid greetings to their loved ones through cards, but since these were time-consuming and costly they thought it better to drop the option.

It is easy via mobile texts and internet because we just have to press a button to wish Eid to hundreds of our contacts in a short period of time.

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