Pakistani designer makes strong social statement at fashion show

Ali Xeeshan, a prominent name in the Pakistani fashion industry decided to highlight people’s fascination with social media

Dubai: Fashion has long been used to make statements, not only about style but about social issues as well and a Pakistani designer is doing just that.

Last year it was child marriages, this year fashion designer Ali Xeeshan chose to spread a message about the burdens that social media puts on today’s society.

On the opening day of Pakistan Loreal Bridal Week held in Lahore, on Tuesday, the artist made one of his models wear what looked like a package that was decorated with hearts and logos of various social media platforms.

The act seemed to symbolise the burden that social media exerts on weddings with the hearts apparently representing ‘likes’.

Pakistani weddings are known to be extravagant and events leading up to the main reception can go on for weeks. People are increasingly posting all aspects of such occasions online and aiming to maximise the number of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ they receive.

Some thought that Xeeshan’s display not only discussed people’s fascination with social media but it was also meant to highlight the modern-day dowry system that exists in the country.

Instagram user @blogbyzunnash posted a picture from the fashion show and wrote: “Trust #AliXeeshan to bring the drama! This modern day dowry says it all…”

Each year, the artist chooses to highlight a social issue surrounding the Pakistani community. In the past, Xeeshan has highlighted child marriage a number of times.

Walking the ramp for one of his shows in 2016, actress Mahira Khan walked adorned in bridal attire, jewellery and holding a stuffed monkey to make a social statement. The display was supposed to build awareness around child marriages and women empowerment.

Similarly, in 2017 the designer again chose to emphasise the problem by having a school girl walk the ramp as his showstopper. The child wore a school uniform embellished with bridal motifs, jewellery and a backpack. The presentation was a collaboration with UN Women Pakistan.


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