Palestinian killed in Israeli commando raid

Ahmad Jarrar is the son of a senior Hamas commander Nasser Jarrar who was killed in 2002

Occupied West Bank: Israeli occupation soldiers killed a Palestinian and captured another in a clash in the occupied West Bank on Thursday, claiming they were part of a cell responsible for an ambush in which a Jewish colonist was shot dead.

Two police commandos were wounded in the raid in the city of Jenin, a spokesman said.

Such flare-ups have been rare in the West Bank, where Palestinian security forces last year resumed cooperation with Israel despite the stalling of negotiations on statehood.

An official of the Palestinian health ministry said it had been informed by the Israelis the dead man was Ahmad Jarrar, the son of a senior Hamas commander, Naser Jarrar, who was killed by Israeli forces in 2002.

But the official said the Palestinian side had not seen the body, and his family could not confirm the death. Three other Palestinians were wounded, the official said.

Witnesses said the Israeli forces had bulldozed at least one building as they closed in on their targets, and that it was possible another Palestinian was buried under the rubble.

Rabbi Raziel Shevah, a resident of a colony outpost near the Palestinian town of Nablus was shot in his car in a drive-by attack on January 9.

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