Parents and students welcome new visa rules

Abu Dhabi: Parents and students in the UAE have welcomed the new visa rules that will grant graduate students a two-year residency visa once they finish their higher studies.

“This is good news that will help students who want to look for jobs as they will have a two-year visa now. They don’t have to be worried about their student visas expiring which helps decrease their stress levels,” said Aya Rahmoon, a 20-year-old student who is majoring in architectural engineering.

“A lot of students who are studying in the UAE like myself want to remain in the country and find a job after graduation, and so this new visa rule is very encouraging for us,” she added.

Mohammad Rafiq, an 18-year-old Algerian, who is studying environmental health, shared the same opinion and said the new rules would make it easier to find a job.

“This is great because it gives graduates the chance and time to search for a job instead of having to leave the country and apply while abroad. It’s much more convenient when you can apply and look around for a job while you are in the country.

“The new decision also gives students much more peace of mind now, we don’t always have to think about what’s going to happen after we graduate and when our visa comes to an end. We have a clear picture of what steps we can take now once we graduate,” he added.

Mohan Natesan, an Indian parent who has a daughter in university, also voiced his support saying the new move has put a lot of parents at ease.

“Personally, I’m extremely happy with the move. I have a daughter studying here and she is also keen to stay in the UAE once she finishes her studies. With this new visa rule, she can look for a job here in the UAE and does not have to leave the country.

“This announcement is very relieving for parents and for students as well, I am sure. It’s a good positive development.”

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