Parents go ‘back to school’ to learn Arabic

Parents across the UAE are signing up to learn Arabic to keep up with their children.

Arabic is taught at the majority of schools across the UAE, and the KHDA has made it compulsory in all Dubai schools from grades 1 to 9. The result? Parents are following suit and learning Arabic as well.

These are the findings of ArabiCollege, an online Arabic language school. When it surveyed its 1,100 learners across the GCC, it found that 64% were choosing to learn Arabic because their children were learning it in school. Other reasons included wanting to learn the local language, they are Muslim or they have an Arabic-speaking partner.

“Arabic has become a real talking point in the UAE’s school, and parents don’t want to feel left out of the conversation”, said Mohamed Bamatraf, who founded ArabiCollege in the UAE in 2007.

“While it’s easy to easy to appreciate and encourage your child’s piano playing without knowing how to read music, for example, languages require active participation from the parent. So, as children learn Arabic as a second language parents are learning too.”

Arabicollege offers a new language experience – one where you can learn Arabic wherever you want, when you want. The online school teaches Arabic through one to one interactive class- es with native-speaking language tutors. Courses include Arabic and culture, as well as Arabic courses in business, politics and Tajweedi.

“We understand that language is not ‘one size fits all’, which is why we have a portfolio of teachers offering different learning styles. Our learners have the freedom and choice to select the teacher that best meets their needs,” added Mohamed.

“Our classes are available round-the clock, so even if you want to master the basics of Arabic at 3am on a Saturday, you can log on and find a teacher to help you. The survey said it all as the majority of learners have chosen ArabiCollege because we are available 24-7, we offer one to one interactive lessons, and we are affordable.”

ArabiCollege has thousands of learners across the UAE, from different home countries including the US, UK, India and Italy. As well as signing up for lessons in listening, speaking, reading and writing, learners are given every opportunity to master Arabic outside the virtual classroom, in writing contests, blogs and forum discussions. There’s also a premium membership that offers access to The Café, where learners can practise conversational skills at any time.

Mohamed added: “Whether you want to help your child with their Arabic homework or need to talk business with Arab colleague, we can teach you. Anyone can sign up for a free seven-day trial and start booking live classes.

“You’ve got nothing to lose, but with all our courses leading to a certificate that’s accredited by one of Arabicollege’s academic partners, there’s everything to gain.”

PHOTO CAPTION: ArabiCollege tutor Yasmin Abudan teaches an online class to one of her learners. CREDIT: Joshy George

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