Parents working in federal government get 3 hours off on first day of school

Federal human resources calls on ministries, federal bodies to implement ‘Back to School’ policy

Dubai: The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) in UAE has issued a circular, calling on ministries and federal bodies to implement the ‘Back to School’ Policy.

The policy provides for the granting of three hours of leave as a maximum to parents working for the federal government and having school-going children, to give them enough flexibility to take their children to and from schools, on the first day of school. The move will allow parents to start work late or leave early on the same day.

As per the policy, the three hours can be taken in the morning or evening, or it can be divided between both timings.

As for federal government employees who have children in preschools and kindergartens, they may be given a morning or afternoon leave during the first week of preschool, so that they can take their children to and from nurseries and for a maximum of three hours per day.

Aisha Al Suwaidi, executive director of HR Policies Sector at FAHR, called on federal ministries and agencies to facilitate the work of parents and employees in the government at the beginning of the new academic year, to enable them to accompany their children to schools and nurseries, provided it does not to affect the work and provision of services.

She pointed out that this flexibility is granted in accordance with the regulations of each federal authority, helping raise the levels of satisfaction and happiness and work-life balance.

The policy is set to benefit more than 28,000 parents working in the government, with more than 90,000 children in schools, and more than 4,000 children under the age of five.

The Back to School Policy was launched last week by the federal government, upon the recommendation of the National Programme for Happiness and Well-being, in coordination with FAHR.

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