Parking violators to be monitored digitally in Sharjah

New vehicle that can scan more than 3,000 cars per hour to monitor public parking spaces in Sharjah

It is the first of its kind digital scanning vehicle in the region and Sharjah Municipality understandably takes great pride in showcasing it as its new solution to parking issues at the ongoing UAE Innovation Month celebrations at Al Majaz Waterfront.

Sharjah: There is no escaping paying for parking in public spaces in Sharjah as a new digital scanning vehicle will now monitor these areas to help inspection teams.

The Sharjah Municipality has acquired a first-of-its-kind digital scanning vehicle in the region to resolve parking issues in the emirate.

The vehicle is capable of scanning more than 3,000 cars in an hour, which saves inspection teams effort and time.

Courtesy: Sharjah Municipality

The vehicle was unveiled at the ongoing UAE Innovation Month celebrations at Al Majaz Waterfront.

The green and white digital scanning vehicle with ‘Sharjah Municipality’ emblazoned across it has been attracting considerable attention at the waterfront.

Ali Ahmad Abu Ghazien, Director of Public Parking Department at Sharjah Municipality, said the digital scanning vehicle has a mobile camera fitted onto its roof, which is considered a breakthrough in the world of inspection.

The vehicle is equipped with special features and digital technologies that are associated with sophisticated systems mimicking the UAE’s innovative approach across all sectors.

The digital scanning vehicle has been successfully tested and will be deployed in all areas over the next few weeks, said Abu Ghazien.

He said the monitoring vehicle complements and enhances the human efforts and helps parking inspectors through cameras that read the vehicle panels used for public parking through a special technique, leading to the monitoring of existing violations while providing data and statistics on the percentage of parking positions and times, and rates of use of various means of payment.

Sharjah Municipality is participating in the UAE Innovation Month celebrations through a number of initiatives.

The UAE Innovation Month in Sharjah began on Thursday and will continue until Wednesday (February 21) at Al Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah and Sharjah Centre for Astronomy and Space Sciences at the University City of Sharjah, beside Al Qasba Walkway and Flag Island.



The vehicle is fitted with a mobile camera on its roof, which scans vehicles to see if their drivers have paid for the parking space or not. This job is typically done by inspectors. Both will be deployed and will work in tandem to better monitor public parking spaces.


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