#Pinoy challenge: Celebrity travel blogger Wil Dasovich takes on Dubai’s landmarks

“I will miserably fail,” celebrity travel blogger Dasovich warns as he takes on #Pinoy challenge

Travel blogger Wil Dasovich.

Wil Dasovich has a penchant for turning the most mundane, even the most stressful of situations, on its head and making it a happy experience. 

The Filipino-American travel blogger landed in Dubai over the weekend with  girlfriend and cosplay celebrity Alodia Gosiengfiao, who was invited to grace the Middle East Film & Comic Con.

A year ago, when Dasovich found himself “trapped in Dubai” during a supposedly brief layover that turned into a circuitous walk around “probably the biggest airport I’ve ever been in” and transferring gates four times, Dasovich transformed into a cheerleader and helped defuse tense moments for the stressed out Filipino expatriates eager to get on the plane and be home with their families.

“Dubai airport is like the happiest airport in the world,” the former Pinoy Big Brother housemate and now Youtube celebrity would later say in a video blog about the experience, which he cheekily titled “Filipinos: The Happiest People on Earth! (Trapped in Dubai)”. 

A few months later, when he was diagnosed with cancer, Dasovich understandably announced the potentially life-altering disease in a more serious tone in his vlog, but he also vowed to continue to pursue his passion of making happy, inspirational videos.

“As tough as it was for me to take that in, it’s not going to stop me from having fun, being myself and continuing to do what makes me happy,” he told his viewers in the video. And he did fight the disease and managed the situation in his own quirky way, documenting the process in his brand of funny, motivational videos that his followers have grown accustomed to. 

Dasovich announced in February that he was free of cancer after six months of chemotherapy.

A ball of energy, Dasovich indeed has a way of dealing with demanding and adverse circumstances that is perhaps unlike most others. 

So when the Filipino-American travel blogger starts the Gulf News #Pinoy Challenge by saying, “I will miserably fail,” it is probably his way of telling the viewers, “I can handle this.”

So how did he fare in this episode’s #Pinoy Challenge? Definitely not too miserable. See it for yourself: 

On the sidelines of the SouqPinoy.com Slimdown Challenge, Dasovich talks to  Gulf News #Pinoy about fame, vlogging and the toughest battle of his life. Watch this space for the full interview.


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