Police find dog behind recent communal tension in Bihar

Last week a piece of prohibited meat was found abandoned near the gate of a Hindu temple

Patna: Authorities in Bihar have found a dog behind the recent communal tension in a town during the Eid Al Adha.

The police have caught the dog and left in a forest “to free the city from its possible future nuisance”.

Communal tension had surfaced in the Tikari block town, in southern Bihar’s Gaya district last week, after a piece of prohibited meat was found abandoned near the gate of a Hindu temple.

Angry residents shut down shops and took out torchlight processions in the town to protest the incident and seek the arrest of the “culprits”.

The entire town remained tense for two days and authorities had to order heavy deployments of security forces to maintain peace.

Members of the Hindu community suspected people from a rival community were involved in the incident and such allegations were enough to keep cops on their toes.

Even as the situation remained tense, authorities scanned CCTV footage to get clues about who the culprit was.

It was during this exercise that the police saw a brown dog in the footage carrying a portion of meat in its mouth, chewing the bones outside the temple and then running away from the site after leaving the remains behind.

Some local residents also confirmed having watched the dog sitting with flesh in its mouth and feasting on it. Without wasting any moment, the police laid a trap, caught the dog in a net and then took the canine to a faraway jungle.

This is the third time in recent months that the law and order situation in Bihar got disturbed due to animals. Last week, a bull led to tension between two groups of villagers in eastern Bihar’s Purnia district after which a villager rushed to the police to register a formal case against the animal and its owner.

This happened after the bull chased a local villager, beat him down on the ground and then wounded him with its pointed horns. The incident had taken place at Sahbajja village under Srinagar police station in the district.

Before that a dog was accused of “breach of peace” in the same Purnia district after which a local court handed out death sentence to the dog.

The court, however, withdrew its order later under heavy protests from animal rights activists, including Maneka Gandhi.

The dog was being taken care of by one Rajkumari Devi, an old lady.

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