Police in Uttar Pradesh manhandled protesting female students

A video depicting the brutality against the females is circulating online and social media users are furious


Two female and one male students were brutally manhandled by Uttar Pradesh police and social media users are outraged by the incident.

The video showing the police officers dragging the women, hitting them with sticks and pulling their hair is circulating online.

Dressed in pink and white, the group is said to be students who were protesting against the cavalcade of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah.

Waving black flags and shouting slogans like ‘Amit Shah Wapas Jao’ (Amit Shah go back) the students tried to block a police vehicle.

Within seconds, police officers are seen lifting the students and dragging them while pulling the hair of one and hitting another with a stick before eventually pushing them into a police vehicle. Shah’s cavalcade is seen moving within minutes.

Upon the video’s spread, social media users were outraged, raising questions regarding police brutality and treatment of women.

People were also concerned about why policewomen were not present at the scene to deal with such incidents and male police officials had to handle the female protesters.

Twitter user @aditheesh said: “As per law a male officer cannot touch a women. Forget touching, here it is beating brutally. A matter of shame.”

Many people criticised the Bhatatiya Janta Party (BJP) and their ‘Beti Bachao’ campaign (Save our daughters), saying that the government was not fulfilling their duty of protecting women.

Tweep Manash Barbaruah @Manash55277616 said: “Cowards beating a woman. This is the law in India now. Being a hero, justice needed. This is your slogan Beti Bachao hopeless.”

When contesting, the ruling political party, BJP, had promised the public of improving conditions for women and people in general. They adopted slogans such as ‘Beti Bachao’ and ‘Achhe din’ (better days). However, as per the general public’s opinion, little has been done to fulfil them.

A number of politicians also commented on and condemned the incident.

Congress party’s national general secretary, Ashok Gehlot @ashokgehlot51 tweeted: “The incident reveals the anger, suffocation and desperation common people are feeling under BJP rule. #AmitShah Ji should have listened to the girls, instead they were dragged inside a police vehicle. BJP leaders have stopped listening to common people. #Allahabad”

Chairman of Minority Department Tamil Nadu Congress Committee, Aslam Basha @JaslamBasha tweeted: “A girl and 2 other students from #Allahabad, were beaten mercilessly and dragged by hair, after they waved black flags at the convoy of Amit Shah. This is a fascist regime which does not like any signs of dissent among the people, no matter how bad the conditions become.”

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