Police rescues woman in labour stuck in traffic jam

Sharjah: A heavily pregnant woman in labour and stuck in traffic during the morning rush hour on Sharjah-Dubai road was rescued by police.

The Asian woman and her husband were stuck in the traffic on way from Sharjah to Zulaikha hospital in Dubai, an official said on Wednesday.

The husband then decided to contact Sharjah Police operations room and asked for help.

Sharjah police officers coordinated with Dubai police and transported the woman in a police vehicle due to her serious condition.

The woman reached hospital within three minutes and delivered a baby safely.

The mother and her baby are now reported to be in good condition

Following the rush-hour drama, the woman’s husband thanked the police for their quick response which secured the lives of both the mother and her baby.

Meanwhile, Sharjah police assured to the public that they are ready to help anyone who needs it anytime.


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