Police stop traffic on Dubai’s Shaikh Zayed Road to let driver pick up his phone

Dubai: A police patrol stopped the busy traffic on Shaikh Zayed Road to allow a motorist pick up his phone which fell from his car in middle of the road.

The driver, a Gulf national, posted a video on social media, thanking Dubai Police for their quick response and helping him recover his phone.

He claimed that his phone fell in the middle of Shaikh Zayed Road and he called the police for help.

“I had lost hope to recover the phone due to heavy traffic. I called Dubai police and told them what happened and within two minutes they told me that a police patrol would be there to help me,” the man said in the video.

The patrol stopped the traffic on the road and then asked him to walk into the middle of the road and pick up his phone.

“It is the strangest thing happened in my life. I didn’t expect the policeman will stop the traffic on the road and allow me to pick up the phone. They helped me in a professional way and responded quickly to my call. It looked like a movie scene,” he said in the video.

However, when the man posted the video on his twitter account thanking Dubai Police, many people wondered how he dropped his phone while driving.

He replied by saying: “The phone was outside the car and I was following the law.”

“Thank you. The public has the right to receive our services in a professional way. We are always at your service,” Dubai Police tweeted.

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