Police warn UAE residents: Dh1,000 fine for this offence

Dubai: Police in the UAE are cracking down against irresponsible motorists who throw their litter on roads.

Abu Dhabi Police warned residents that throwing rubbish out of car windows is a violation against the UAE’s Federal Traffic Law, which can be punishable with a Dh1,000 fine and six black points.

The anti-littering rule is not restricted to large items, but is also applicable to tissue paper, aluminium cans or even a cigarette butt.  

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From January to March 2018, Abu Dhabi Police issued fines against 85 motorists for littering, according to Brig Ahmad Al Shehi, deputy director of Traffic and Patrols Department.

“Abu Dhabi Police are committed to maintaining the emirate’s clean image and keeping a watchful eye on any drivers found littering on the streets from their cars,” he said.

The hefty fine for polluting the roads also extends to other emirates.

“In the past, the penalty was Dh500 and four traffic points and the new law made the penalty harsher to crack down on people who throw garbage from moving vehicles. We see people doing that and it is not good behaviour,” said Maj Gen Eng Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Assistant Chief for Operations Affairs at Dubai Police and head of UAE Federal Traffic Council. 

Dh500 municipality fine

Based on Local Order No.11 of 2003, Dubai Municipality can issue a fine of Dh500 to those who litter public spaces.

Currently, there are 154 inspectors employed at the Waste Management Department at Dubai Municipality, who are authorised to fine people for littering.

In 2016, as many as 2,939 fines were issued for littering in public places in Dubai.

Spitting in public can also incur a Dh500 fine. 

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