Pupils of Al Ain school food poisoning discharged from hospital

Dubai: All 30 pupils who suffered from food poisoning in two different public schools were discharged from hospital in the weekend.

The Department of Health (DoH) in Abu Dhabi said that all pupils affected by last Thursday’s food poisoning incident were treated and have fully recovered following the necessary medical treatment.  

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By the next day, Friday, all but two pupils were released from hospital but were expected to be discharged soon.

“The statistics of the Medical Operations Command Centre recorded that the food poisoning cases ranged from mild to moderate, all of which received the necessary medical care and have left the hospitals,” said the department.

The DOH extended its appreciation to all members of the ambulance and medical staff in the school clinics, health centres and hospitals who helped contain the situation, and who facilitated the pupils return quickly to their homes.

“We are monitoring the situation round the clock with the medical operations command centre which is communicating with government and private health facilities to provide an effective response and world-class healthcare,” said the DoH in a statement to the state news agency WAM.

Following the food poisoning incident, the UAE’s Ministry of Education said it immediately suspended the canteen food supplier of the schools, and sent out inspectors to review the cases.

According to the Ministry of Education, the students became ill after eating during their lunch break and showed a number of symptoms of food poisoning, including high fever and vomiting.

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