QR coded stickers to curb assassins using motorcycles

Manila: The Philippine National Police has started using stickers in a bid to check unabated motorcycle-riding assassinations, Director-General Oscar Albayalde announced.

Under the scheme of the Philippine National Police (PNP), motorcycle owners will be given “Clean Rider” stickers with QR codes and serial numbers registered with the PNP database.

“Once a motorist has a clean rider sticker on the front part of their motorcycles where it can be easily seen, the checkpoints will be easier for him and he may even be exempted from inspections at times,” Albayalde said.

Assassinations carried out by killers riding solo on motorcycles or in pillion with another individual had been a serious scourge in the Philippines for many years.

Senator Richard Gordon earlier said: “Motorcycles have become crime machines. With their small plate numbers, criminals perpetrating crimes while on board motorcycles easily flee from the scene of the crime and usually there are no witnesses who can read or identify plate numbers so that the authorities can go after the criminals.”

“This is an example of the impunity upon which motorcycles have been utilised in killing,” he said.

As a result of rising criminality, stationary and mobile checkpoints have become common fixtures in the country.

The ease of purchasing or stealing a motorbike in the country had made it difficult for authorities to address the scourge. From January to July 2018, a total of 355 incidents involving motorcycle-riding criminals have been recorded in Metro Manila. Most of these were robbery with 139 cases and shooting incidents with 133.

In 2015, 6,000 crimes were committed by motorbike-riding assailants around the country. In 2013, it was 3,000.

Albayalde said the QR coded “Clean Rider” sticker aims to address concerns over crimes perpetrated by motorcycle-riding criminals.

He said all the motorcycle owner needs to do is place the sticker on their bikes as sign for police officers manning police checkpoints that the concerned vehicle has already been inspected and the driver’s records had already been uploaded in their database.

The PNP chief said while the placement of the sticker is not mandatory, motorcycles not bearing the sticker will face stricter inspection with authorities.

Albayalde has assured Filipinos that the stickers is not easy to falsify because it is embedded with a QR code which includes the owner’s details and other information and can be easily read through a mobile phone by any law enforcer.


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