Rafid to replace Saaed to attend road accidents in Sharjah

Motorists in the emirate will be able to report accidents through the app once the new service is in place from May 14

Sharjah: Sharjah police have deployed Rafid — a new service provider — to attend the traffic accidents in Sharjah replacing the existing Saaed service.

Rafid officers will start responding to motorists involved in accidents in the emirates with effect from May 14. Rafid is owned by the Sharjah government. Details about response time and fees to attend the accidents will be announced on May 14.

Major General Saif Ziri Al Shamisi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, on Sunday signed a memorandum of understanding with Salim Saeed Al Midfa, General Manager of Rafid and Omar Al Mullah, executive director of the company.

Major General Al Shamisi said motorists would be able to download Rafid app and send picture of the accident, after which traffic expert will assess the accident and issue report.

The motorists using the app will not be required to wait for police patrols to report minor accidents,” Al Ziri said.

“It will be an easy and simple way to report accidents. It will reduce processing time as motorists will receive the police report via email and they can present it to the insurance company,” he said.

In case of a minor accident, motorists can send the information through the app, on which the officers will check the data and issue a report after a short time. The report will be emailed to the motorists and insurance companies as well.

The information that needs to be sent includes plate and licence numbers, photos of the damaged cars, emails of the motorists and a details of the accident.

The app has information in Arabic and English, explaining the steps to be taken for sending the report.

It also sends the exact location of the accident and identifies the nearest police station, which will be issuing the report.

The Rafid services will cover all areas of Sharjah, including Sharjah City and central and eastern regions.

Rafid service will have service centres and it will be monitored by Sharjah Police,

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