Rainy clouds seen over the UAE’s east from Saturday

Convective and rainy clouds are expected in the UAE’s east today (Saturday) and over the next few days, weathermen said

Abu Dhabi/Dubai: Convective and rainy clouds are expected in the UAE’s east today (Saturday) and over the next few days, forecasters said.

The low-pressure from the south and northwest along with the flow of humid easterly to south-easterly winds over the country are expected to contribute to this weather pattern, according to the latest bulletin from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM). 

The NCM forecast covers from October 27 (Saturday) to October 31, 2018 (Wednesday).

“An extension of the Red Sea low-pressure, accompanied by a western upper air trough, increases the amount of clouds which are associated with convective and rainy clouds of varying intensity over different areas of the country at intervals,” it said.

Rany, convective clouds from Saturday

The rainy convective clouds will start by Saturday on the east and north of the country, and then it will start to develop from Sunday to Tuesday over scattered areas starting over the west end the coastal areas of the country, and then extends to the internal areas. 


The amount of clouds will further intensify by Wednesday evening, they added.

Jetstream coming from the northwest and the extension of an upper low-pressure produce a relatively humid and cool airflow from the north.

Meanwhile, they explained that surface upper low-pressure extensions from the middle and northern parts of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia would lead to the development of convective and rainy clouds eastward to the UAE due to the surface low-pressure and mountains.

The highest temperature recorded on Friday, was 38.6 degrees C at 2.45pm in Al Jazeera and 38.3 degree C in Hamim, in the country’s south, while the lowest was 15.3 degrees C, in Jebel Jais.


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