Revealed: Top 5 reasons for Sharjah car crashes

Dubai: Commuters stuck in a major traffic snarl during peak traffic have to face the mundane snail-paced drive more than they would care for. 

Drivers in Dubai spent 29 hours stuck in rush hour traffic during 2017, according to a global study carried out by international transportation consultancy INRIX. 

Meanwhile, motorists in Abu Dhabi were able to spend a significant less time on the roads, with an average of 13 hours stuck in traffic jams.

More likely than not, the culprit behind the massive delays are traffic accidents. 

In Sharjah alone, as many as 105 accidents were reported in the first six months of 2018, which means that a road incident happened 17.5 times every month from January to June.

Lt Col Mohammed Allai Al Naqbi, Director of Traffic and Patrol Department, Sharjah Police, said that recent statistics carried out during the third quarter of 2018 studied on the causes of moderate to serious accidents.

“From the beginning of July until the end of September, the traffic department carried out statistical analysis to determine the reason for traffic accidents in Sharjah,” said Lt Col Al Naqbi.

“The number one reason for serious accidents was the lack of attention while driving, followed by sudden deviation on the road when changing lanes,” he said.

Some drivers also refused to use their indicators when changing lanes, which ultimately startled other motorists and led to unexpected traffic accidents. 

Lt Col Al Naqbi pointed out that the third reason for accidents in Sharjah was not leaving enough distance between vehicles.

The last two causes of traffic accidents were entering roads without checking if they were clear or blocked, and speeding.

Other reasons for accidents were also due to unforeseeable events, such as a tyre burst or the driver falling asleep at the wheel. 

Major Abdulrahman Khater, Director of Traffic Awareness at Sharjah’s traffic and patrol department, said: “The Sharjah Police General Command has launched a series of awareness campaigns targeting motorists and road users in order to address and reduce the phenomenon of accidents, and to provide a secure traffic environment on all roads of the emirate.”

Drivers were warned of negligence, lack of attention and concentration, and to properly monitor oncoming road traffic to prevent further accidents on roads. 

Top 5 reasons for car accidents in Sharjah

1. Lack of attention

2. Sudden deviation

3. Not leaving enough space between vehicles

4. Not checking if roads are clear before entering

5. Speeding 

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