Revenge: Wife uses snake poison on spouse


Her husband and in-laws harrassed her and called her dark, so she decided to wreak revenge. Twenty three-year-old Maharashtra resident, Pradnya Survase, poisoned them.

But, her plan went wrong, killing three other people and making 120 people ill. However, her husband and in-laws survived.

She was arrested, in India, on Friday for allegedly poisoning food served at a feast hosted by a relative. It resulted in the deaths of guests.

News agency Asia News International (@ANI) tweeted: “Raigad: Woman arrested and charged w/attempted murder for mixing pesticide in food served at party hosted by her relative in Mahad village. Police say she confessed to doing it because of family disputes. 120 people fell ill and five died after eating at the party on Monday. #Maharashtra”

According to media reports Survase, who lived in Khalapur about 70km from Mumbai, confessed of mixing a chemical – used to kill snakes – in dal (lentil curry) that was served to guests at a 88-people gathering hosted by her relative Subash Mane.

Police said that she claimed that her intent was to kill her husband and in-laws, who victimised her over her complexion and cooking.

On Monday, Mane had invited around 120 people for a “housewarming ceremony”. The puja (a worship ritual) was followed by lunch cooked by the village Maharaj or cook.

Guests who ate in the last few batches started complaining of nausea, vomiting and stomach ache a few hours later. About 88 people were hospitalised. Three children died.

According to an India Times report: “Police questioned Mane’s relatives who had been serving food… Survase was among them who later confessed to her crime after interrogation. The police said she had chosen the occasion … because she knew all those whom she wanted to kill would eat there.”

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