Road access fee waived for heavy vehicles

Abu Dhabi: The UAE Cabinet adopted a decision to waive the one-day road access permit fee for heavy vehicles in the country.

The move will reduce the cost for operators of development projects and support the growth of infrastructure projects in various vital sectors. The move comes in line with the government’s objective to maintain sustainable development and high-quality living standards for citizens and residents.

The urban and economic development witnessed by the UAE and the growth of development projects in various sectors require the transfer of large quantities of construction materials to work sites in various areas across the UAE. The exemption will reduce the cost of transportation which represents a significant part of the budget of these projects, and is directly related to project completion dates and quality.

The cancellation of the heavy vehicle day permit fee, which is outlined in Resolution No. 30 of 2017, Item 82 on the Regulation of Traffic, will contribute to achieving an estimated savings of 5 per cent in the federal infrastructure development budget.

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