RTA launches 20 initiatives for Year of Zayed

Auction of distinguished number plate, extending Meals on Wheels among initiatives

Dubai: The auction of a distinguished number plate — Z 1971 — dedicated in honour of Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Founding Father of the UAE, will be among a series of 20 initiatives launched by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to mark the Year of Zayed.

Mattar Al Tayer, director-general and chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA, announced the initiatives yesterday.

“The Year of Zayed is a huge step towards introducing the next generations to the legacy of Shaikh Zayed in shaping and enriching our beloved nation. It offers us lessons to continue building our growing nation,” said Al Tayer, announcing the initiatives.

He said that the initiatives comprise three key drivers: Landmark achievements of Shaikh Zayed, commemorating Shaikh Zayed anniversary, and boosting the national identity.

Among the initiatives is the auction of a distinctive plate number (Z 1971), with the proceedings dedicated for charity through RTA Foundation.

A temporary mobile exhibition on the RTA’s premises will spotlight the key achievements of Shaikh Zayed, while Shaikh Zayed’s sayings and achievements will also be highlighted through social media channels.

The RTA will also launch internal monthly competitions for employees and hold an internal exhibition to showcase Shaikh Zayed’s role in building the nation.

The initiatives will also include supporting the improvement of the infrastructure of developing countries (in the form of engineering consultancies, maintenance works) in collaboration with the International Humanitarian City, and broadening the scope of the Tamkeen initiative of RTA Foundation to include other emirates.

Other initiatives include upgrading the Meals on Wheels to expand its benefit to other events (Eid, Back to School), launching a special edition of Nol card, and decorating customer service centres with portraits and sayings of Shaikh Zayed.

School notebooks bearing Shaikh Zayed’s images will also be launched and distributed to various schools.

The RTA will also organise staff visits to museums and historical areas to introduce them to the history of the UAE and dedicate a day for RTA leaders to practise hobbies and practices cherished by Shaikh Zayed such as agriculture and horse riding, among others.

Activities will also include dedicating pages of RTA’s monthly magazine ‘Al Masar’, publishing special editions about Shaikh Zayed for distribution with Salama children’s magazine and distributing the logo of the Year of Zayed to RTA’s employees.


Auction of special number plate for charity — Z 1971

Improvement of infrastructure in developing countries

Promotion of Zayed’s sayings through social media

Staff competitions about Zayed’s achievements

Zayed-themed exhibitions

Special edition of Nol card

Zayed notebooks for students

Special Zayed editions of RTA’s magazines

Meals on Wheels

Distribution of Year of Zayed logo

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