Salesman held hostage until he paid Dh5,000

Suspect posed as inspector, kidnapped salesman, and drove him around until co-worker got him the money

Dubai A man has been accused of posing as an inspector, forcing a salesman into his car and demanding and receiving Dh5,000 for letting him go.

The Indian salesman and his co-worker were present at the mobile store where they work when the 24-year-old Iranian man walked into their shop one day in August at 8.15pm.

Flashing his wallet with an ID, the Iranian claimed to be an inspector and asked the Indian salesman to show him the store’s trade license.

When the salesman showed him the store’s expired trade license, the Iranian man threatened to have him imprisoned for flouting rules and regulations.

Records said the 24-year-old suspect asked the two salesmen to pay Dh50,000 as fine for flouting the rules. When they told him they did not have such a large amount, he forced the salesman into his car threatening to take him to Al Aweer Prison and hand him over to the authorities.

The salesman told the Iranian that he had only Dh5,000 on him and asked his colleague to bring the money, according to records. The money was paid to the impostor, who then set the salesman free.

The salesman then reported the matter to the police, who tracked down the Iranian and apprehended him.

Prosecutors charged the suspect of kidnapping the salesman and swindling his Dh5,000.

The suspect failed to show up before the Dubai Court of First Instance and enter his plea.

A policeman told prosecutors that the suspect was identified and tracked down from his car plate number.

Presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi said the suspect would be sentenced in absentia on December 27.

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