Saudi embassy denies ban on pan-Arab star

Manama: The Saudi embassy in Tunisia has denied claims by local singer Lateefa Arfaoui that she had been banned from entering Saudi Arabia. “There is no truth whatsoever to the claims made by Lateefa Arfaoui, a Tunisian singer, in a television interview that she was not allowed into the Kingdom to perform Umrah,” the embassy said in a statement on Monday.

“She has not applied for a visa to enter the Kingdom to perform Umrah or Haj or for any other purpose. She can submit, as per the rules, an application at the embassy for a visa at any time she wants.”

Lateefa, a well-known star across the Arab world, said in the interview on Sunday that she was banned from entering Saudi Arabia in 2012 although she had a visa. She added she was keen on performing Umrah.

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