Saudi king stresses support for Palestinians

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia said it will not endorse any Middle East peace plan that fails to address occupied Jerusalem’s status or refugees’ right of return. King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz has vocally supported the Arab Peace Initiative drawn up by Saudi Arabia in 2002 in which Arab nations offered the Israeli regime normal ties in return for a statehood deal with the Palestinians and full Israeli withdrawal from territory captured in 1967.

The Palestinian ambassador to Riyadh, Basem Al Agha told Reuters that King Salman had expressed support for Palestinians in a recent meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, saying: “We will not abandon you … We accept what you accept and we reject what you reject.” He said that King Salman naming the 2018 Arab League conference “The Jerusalem Summit” and announcing $200 million in aid for Palestinians were messages that occupied Jerusalem and refugees were back on the table.

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