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Seeking a Home in Dubai: 9 Must-Follow Steps!

Home is where you live, relax, find inner peace, and make memories, it’s where you gather with your family, relatives, and friends. Ultimately, home is the place where we spend most of our times.

Prepare your check-list

Everyone tries to own a home where he can find solace, and turn it into a personal haven. Choosing a new home is not a simple mission, it may seem easy, but taking the wrong decision isn’t something you can conveniently fix, so you have to pay attention to the home you choose to be your upcoming haven. Maybe it’s harder here in Dubai as real estate market is big and rich with choices for off-plan and ready properties.

To help you find your ideal home, in the following list we highlight the points you should consider prior to buying an apartment, villa, or mansion in Dubai:

1- Write and sketch

Write down everything you are looking for, sketch, and paint the image you have in mind, whether you are an individual or have a family.

Determine the lifestyle, the number of bedrooms, the amenities, and the area, but remember the bigger isn’t always the better, you may end up paying more for an area you are not using.

2- Research then research again

How long have you been living in Dubai? For years, months, or just arrived, nevertheless, research.

Dubai real estate market is regularly evolving, so check the latest prices, new districts, and brand-new payment methods and plans.

In order to have reliable results in a short time, use the internet, most of the real estate agencies are offering online search engines for properties that you can categorize and filter according to your preferences.

Find a trustworthy real estate agency and visit its website, you will have many choices at the click of a button. This will help you to understand the market, consider statistics and trends, and narrow down your choices.

3- Calculate your budget

Lay back, relax, and start calculating the budget you are willing to pay for a new home.

By the time you reach this step, you are supposed to have a solid knowledge of your needs and the market’s offerings. Decide if you are going to buy or lease, contact your bank if you are going to have a loan.

4- Check with your own eyes

The internet will give you dozens of results, good for research, but confusing too.

Narrow down your choices, contact your real estate agent, and start discussing your preferences and budget, then arrange a visit for the shortlisted properties.

Remember, don’t always trust the photos you see online, sometimes they are fooling.

5- Think of remodelling and makeover

You may visit many properties, ask for their age, some of them may be old, not in their best condition, and may have cracks.

Slow down, don’t only look at its condition, check the potential it’s having, you can renew it with seamless steps at no cost.

6- Check the surroundings

You can decorate your home’s interior, but you can’t change the neighbourhood.

Explore the neighbourhood and facilities. You will find that some neighbourhoods are family-friendly, some are attracting youth for their vibes.

If you have kids, you might look for nearby schools, and if you are into other interests, check if you can have them around.

Visit the place at different times during the morning, the night, and the rush hours. You don’t want to be surprised by a noisy neighbour or a horrible traffic jam while going to work.

Don’t forget to inquire about the available parking spaces, It’s a chronic issue in Dubai.

7- Request inspection and snagging

While checking a property, some defects can be hidden and not seen with our bare eyes.

The right thing is to contact a dependable inspection and snagging service provider and they will do the job properly.

They will deliver you a non-bias report including the condition of the property, a detailed list of defects, and the needed fixtures.

8- Investigate the developer’s history

If you are going to have an off-plan property, check the developer’s portfolio, history, trends, and consult your real estate advisor, even big real estate developer often have problems such as handover date commitment.

9- Find out reselling status

Unless you are planning to stay in Dubai for good, don’t buy a property without considering the resell options and prices to avoid losing much when you are packing your luggage to the airport for final departure.

Ask your real estate advisor, check the history and trends of this neighbourhood prices over the last few years.

Time to move…

Eventually, you will know the right home when you start having this special connection the moment you step in, arrange the furniture in your mind, talk about it with your family and friends, design the decorations, plan the makeovers, and decide it’s enough with the searching process, then you are encountering this “Eureka Moment” for your future home.


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      Umar Khan

      August 4, 2018

      Some really nice tips and I believe seeking a home in Dubai can be a very daunting task if you have no idea how thing works here.. Better to ge the help of a credible real estate

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