Selfie with liquor bottle lands man in trouble in Bihar

The council chief sent these photographs to his supporters on WhatsApp


Taking selfies is the latest trend in society, but the craze landed a village council chief in trouble in Bihar.

Janata Dal United (JD-U) leader Raj Kumar Thakur who also happens to be a village council chief in Siwan district had thrown a party for his supporters on the New Year day. Liquor was also clandestinely arranged for them during the party and all were strictly warned against speaking about it in public given the fact that Bihar has enforced total prohibition.

All maintained utmost secrecy for some time until they downed a few drinks. Reports said soon after taking a few drinks, the village council chief began taking selfies with supporters holding a liquor bottle and glass of alcohol. While one of his supporters held liquor bottle in hand, another posed with a nearly finished glass of alcohol in his left hand.

After taking the selfies, the council chief sent these photographs to his supporters on the WhatsApp group which soon went viral. In due course, the selfie also reached the WhatsApp number of the local police inspector who registered a case against the council chief and his men.

The police are now conducting raids to nab the absconding people’s representative and his men for violating the prohibition law with impunity. “We have registered a case against them for violating the liquor law and raids are underway to arrest them. All have gone underground but they will be caught very soon,” local police official Sanjeet Kumar said.

This is not the sole worry for the man. The JD-U leadership has also dismissed him from the party after his selfie went viral.

This the second time in a quick succession that the selfie fad landed the ruling party leaders in trouble. Earlier in October last year, a liquor mafia man had posted his selfie with the chief minister Nitish Kumar which cost him dear. It was only then that someone noticed his “real” identify and raised questions over easy access to the chief minister’s house by a man who was the main accused in the 2012 illicit liquor deaths claiming lives of as many as 29 poor villagers in central Bihar’s Bhopjpur district. Acting promptly, the JD-U later expelled him from the party.

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