increases traffic with more UAE car dealers, the car buying service that guarantees the purchase of any car within 30 minutes, has increased its scope to include major car dealers in the UAE.

Several major dealers in the country have already signed up with the used-car upstart, which uses its technology, network and standard vehicle inspection to typically make an offer on a car 12 minutes after the vehicle is put up for live auction with thousands of global dealers.

“The branded dealers that have joined us are some of the biggest dealers in the UAE,” said Saygin Yelcin, founder & chief executive of “When you drive a used car into a branded dealer he will only be interested in buying your car if you will buy a new one from him. Now he can buy your car from you using our technology and take a cut on the sale and offer a fair price that has been offered from thousands of dealers that bid on the car.” has a network of “thousands of dealers”, according to Mr Yelcin, that bid in a live auction on a car after the 12-minute vehicle test. is one of the bidders and whatever the winning bid will pay the customer there and then.

The customer is not beholden to take the offer.

The company was launched in 2013 and now claims to be the biggest used car dealer in the country. It says that it has grown its business 600 per cent since September 2015 and that 20 per cent of the UAE population has used its services.

It has operations in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Germany and has plans to open in Qatar and Kuwait in the fourth quarter of this year.

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