Shahama centre to handle only outpass seekers

An official explains the procedures to the Amnesty seekers at the big tent at the Inspection & Follow Up section of the Immigration in Shahama Old city, around 65 KM from Abu Dhabi city, at the 1st day of Amnesty comes into force on Sunday.

Abu Dhabi: Amnesty-seekers must head to Shahama Centre of Abu Dhabi only if they need an outpass to leave the country, a senior official of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship at the Shahama Centre for amnesty-seekers told Gulf News in an interview on Sunday.

Earlier, amnesty-seekers were permitted to apply first at the Shahama Centre for six-month visa for jobseekers and obtaining an outpass, but from Sunday, the centre stopped taking such applications and people were asked to head to Tasheel or typing centres because it will be easier for them to get it hassle-free, the official said.

NAT_180801_AMNESTY 1ST DAY_SHAHAMA_ABDUL_ANWAR.24jpg The officials process the documents for the amnesty seekers at the Inspection & Follow Up section of the Immigration in Shahama Old city.

Speaking to Gulf News on Sunday, the official said, “If you got a new employment to stay back in the UAE, you need to go to Tasheel centres in Abu Dhabi and submit documents and he would get the residency visa through hassle-free regular procedures online.”

He also reminded amnesty-seekers to visit Shahama Centre if they hold an Abu Dhabi visa, whereas for visas issued by other emirates, they need to visit respective emirate’s amnesty centres.

“Now we have received so many people from other emirates whose visas were issued from Dubai or other Northern Emirates, they should visit centre’s of that emirate,” he said.

Residents who have violated the tourist and visit visas rules and overstayed in the country also need to visit Tasheel centres, if they wish to stay back in the country.

“But if they want to leave the country and seek an outpass without ban, they can visit Shahama centre,” the official said.

Mission counters

From Monday diplomatic missions will have separate counters inside the Shahama Centre for amnesty seekers where they can entertain their country’s people and facilitate them to avail benefits of amnesty, the official informed.

“We will have counters of different missions that include India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Philippines. Missions’ representatives will entertain their people at different counters,” he said.

Due to heavy turnout of amnesty-seekers each day in Abu Dhabi, the Shahama Centre will open up another tent from Monday morning, the official said.

The second tent will accommodate 300 people, he said adding the exiting one also has a capacity of 300 people.

Another tent is being opened beside the existing Shahama Centre to facilitate more amnesty-seekers, he said.

Under 15 Years

Those under 15 years of age can directly apply from Tasheel, or typing centres, as parents don’t need to bring their children to the centre in Shahama.

“It’s too hot and we don’t want families and children sweat out in the scorching heat, they can visit any Tasheel or typing centre to apply if they want to correct their residency status,” he said.

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