Sharjah completes new Dh57m road in bid to ease traffic

Project extends from Mahafez to Fayah and has been upgraded from a one-way road to a two-way highway

Sharjah: The Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) on Wednesday unveiled a new road in the central region built at a cost of Dh57 million.

Engineer Yousuf Saleh Al Suwaihi, chairman of the Sharjah Road and Transport Authority, said the initiative aims to ease traffic flow and enhance road safety.

The project, which extends from the Mahafez area to the Fayah area, has been developed from a one-way road to two-way highway, he said.

“The project is part of the authority’s comprehensive plan to develop all parts and regions of the emirate.”

The total length of the road is 14.8 kilometres built at a cost Dh57 million.

RTA Sharjah has finished all the earmarked service works, and built a rainwater drainage network, Al Suwaihi.

“We have also installed lamp posts on both sides of the road.”

Al Suwaihi underlined that the ongoing and planned maintenance and development works will help ease traffic movement and improve existing roads for the benefit and safety of road users.

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