Sharjah Public Library puts fun back into reading for children

SHARJAH, 17th August, 2018 (WAM) — The Sharjah Public Library, SPL, an affiliate of the Sharjah Book Authority, SBA, has launched a dynamic ‘summer reading camp’ crafted especially for young readers between the ages of 7 and 12 p.

While making books and reading attractive to children, the camp aims to improve their reading skills and help them gain confidence in their ability to learn. The activity aligns with the SPL’s vision to increase the community’s access to knowledge in general, and enhance the overall literacy skills of the emirate’s young generation.

Organised at the SPL every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the month of August, the camp seeks to offer children new avenues to discover a deeper appreciation for books and reading, and spend time with peers who share their interests and want to make the most of their long summer break. Along with reading sessions, the camp is also organising a series of edutainment workshops on science, art, social awareness and sports.

A key workshop themed “How to say no to someone who hurts you”, aimed to educate children on the importance of recognising the dangers around them.

At another workshop, “A journey around the world”, children drew popular landmarks and attractions from around the world on canvas, and were introduced to the world of abstract expressionism in art.

“The young designer” workshop stimulated critical thinking, creativity and innovation, and challenged participants to think out of the box to recycle and reuse different materials and come up with ideas about other environment-friendly practices.

The Kalba Public Library curated the “Summer Professions Camp” that targeted children aged 8 to 14 years. The camp educated the participants on the fundamentals and techniques of one profession, and dedicated special workshops that addressed key features of medical and preventive professions. In other edutainment workshops, the children learnt the basics of cooking and preparing snacks.

The Wadi Al Helo Public Library organised a summer programme themed “Our Summer Is Brighter with Innovation”. The camp featured a variety of training and awareness workshops that nurtured the children’s expertise and experiences.

Sara Al Marzouqi, Director of SPL, said, “This camp aligns with SPL’s vision which has contributed to the remarkable cultural achievements since its inception through the epistemological, cognitive and informational opportunities it provided to readers and intellectuals in the UAE and the emirate of Sharjah. In that sense, the duration of this summer camp aligns with our dedication to promoting reading as a culture among children. It helps children discover and develop their inherent talents, providing them with opportunities to learn and acquire new expertise, as well as enhance their spirit of engagement and stimulate them to learn along with their peers during summer.”

The Sharjah Public Library has organised this summer activity in partnership with Lughati, the Sharjah-based initiative dedicated to supporting Arabic learning the smart way; Sharjah Museums Authority’s Sharjah Calligraphy Museum; Social Services Department’s Child Protection Center and Children’s Farm – a project of the Environment and Protected Areas Authority, EPAA.

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