Sharjah Stamp Exhibition concludes with an auction worth AED100,000

SHARJAH, 18th November, 2018 (WAM) — The 9th edition of the Sharjah Stamp Exhibition, which was organised by the Emirates Philatelic Association during November 13-17, concluded its activities Saturday. The exhibition’s celebration of the Year of Zayed contributed to its success, which included the presentation of a collection of rare stamps that highlighted the achievements of the founding father.

The exhibition featured many public auctions, most notably is the auction organised by the Emirates Philatelic Association on the second day of the exhibition, which was attended by 55 participants from the GCC countries and included 120 stamps and currencies, among other items. The auction also included a full set of the first regular UAE stamp from 1973, a rare Umm Al Quwain stamp, and rare and valuable currency collections. The total value of the auction’s sales exceeded AED100,000 and about 70% of the action’s items were sold.

The exhibition witnessed a huge growth in the number of visitors and sales, after it attracted the participation of 51 stamp and currency dealers and exhibitors from 17 countries who displayed their collections on 144 display panels, as well as 32 trade platforms. The exhibitors provided stamps, envelopes, paper and coin currency, as well as other items needed by collectors of currencies and stamps.

Palestine Post was the guest of honour at the Sharjah Stamp Exhibition, which was its first participation in the event. Palestine Post offered enthusiasts the opportunity to review the most prominent historical periods that are documented by stamps from Palestine, as well as the ability to acquire collections of new postage stamps. A group of International arbitrators and coordinators from Indonesia and Singapore also participated in the exhibition for the first time, in addition to arbitrators from the UAE, Oman and Australia, who provided participants their evaluations of the collections showcased at the exhibition.

Abdullah Khoury, President of the Emirates Philatelic Association, said, “We are pleased with the huge success achieved by this edition of the Sharjah Stamp Exhibition, which was characterisednot only by the development in both participation and exhibits, but also by the accompanying events that transformed this exhibition into an educational event that aimed to raise awareness on this cultural hobby, in addition to being a destination to buy and sell stamps and currencies.”

WAM/ /Esraa Ismail/Rasha Abubaker

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