Sinkholes appear due to rain in the middle of Lahore

Dubai: Heavy rain has continued to stir chaos in Lahore, Pakistan on Tuesday, July 3. Now, two massive sinkholes have formed in the middle of the city’s Mall Road.

In the last 24 hours, a total of 252 millimetres of rain has been recorded in the city so far and it has killed at least 6 people.

While many parts of the city remained submerged in rainwater, residents were surprised as the sinkholes formed before their eyes.

Currently, the area has been barricaded and traffic has been diverted away, according to Dunya News, Pakistan-based news television channel.

Following the rain-related catastrophes, people are blaming the government for poor planning and mismanagement. National security analyst Zaid Hamid @ZaidZamanHamid took to Twitter to express his sentiments: “After first monsoon rain, this is what happened at Mall Road Lahore….where hundreds of billions have been spent by PMLN. Such is the staggering levels of corruption these…. have done. Yet, they roam free… Zardari is identical in Sindh. Hundreds of billions robbed by him.”

Others mocked the promises the former government, Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PMLN) and Shehbaz Sharif in particular made, like “turning Lahore into Paris”.

Posting a picture of the flooded city, Aamir Khalil @AAMIRKHALIL16 tweeted: “The Paris of Shehbaz Sharif becomes the Venice of Shehbaz Sharif. Well done Lahoris cast your vote in support of PMLN…”

Similarly, tweep Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar @MkhusroBakhtiar wrote: “Development of PMLN in Lahore badly exposed. Billions of rupees spent by @CMShehbaz on Advertisements/Billboards but none spent on a proper drainage system for the Paris of Pakistan! #TajurbaExposed”

Journalist Salman Masood @salmanmasood tweeted about the effects the rain-related incidents can have on Pakistan’s upcoming general elections: “Rain causing craters and holes in Lahore’s otherwise spanking new looking roads couldn’t have come at a worse time for PML-N in terms of election perception. The potholes are both literal and figurative.”

Following the destructive downpour, the Water and Sanitation Agency, Lahore (WASA) has declared a rain emergency in the city.


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