Six jailed over villa break-in

Prime culprit flew in 5 men to form gang that burgled villas and looted cash and valuables

Dubai: A resident and five men have been jailed for six months each for flying in from abroad and forming a gang to break into vacant villas and steal cash and valuables.

An Emirati housewife had accompanied her sick son to Thailand on a medical trip when one of the servants at her villa notified her that her residence had been burgled in May 2016.

When she returned home, the housewife discovered that cash and valuables worth thousands of dirhams had gone missing from her bedroom.

After she informed the Dubai Police, crime scene investigators identified a 48-year-old Sri Lankan, who had been involved in the break-in that happened in Oudh Al Mutaina.

Police arrested the suspect and he led them to four of his countrymen, aged between 27 and 36.

During questioning, the arrested culprits said their 35-year-old countryman resident flew them in from their country for the purpose of forming a gang to break into empty villas and steal cash and valuables.

The 35-year-old prime accused remains at large.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the six accused of forming a gang to force their way into empty villas and steal money and valuables.

Records said the culprits used a screwdriver to force their way into the housewife’s villa from where they stole mobile phones, electronics, gold items, diamond sets, jewellery, wristwatches and cash.

The prime accused was sentenced in absentia.

According to the primary ruling, the five other defendants, who pleaded not guilty, will be deported after serving their jail terms.

A police sergeant testified that following their arrest, the defendants claimed that the fugitive masterminded the whole thing. “They claimed that he flew some of them in to Dubai specifically to carry out the robberies. The culprits claimed that they used to knock on doors of villas and if nobody responds, they make sure that the villas are empty. Then they would climb up the walls, break into bedrooms and steal cash and valuables,” said the sergeant.

The primary judgement remains subject to appeal.

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