Six men attack 2 friends who went for massage at 6.30am

Suspects assaulted the duo with hammer and stick in flat when they came for massage

Dubai: Six men have been accused of assaulting two friends, who went for a massage at 6.30am in a flat, when they beat them with a hammer and an stick.

The two Egyptian friends were said to have found a business card promoting massage services at a flat in Al Barsha in July.

One of the friends called the number mentioned on the card and was told, according to records, that the spa was open and they were offering massage at that time of the day.

The friends reached the flat and were greeted by a Vietnamese person and when they agreed on the price, they went to the neighbouring building to withdraw some cash from the ATM.

Upon returning to the flat for the massage, a group of men came and shook hands with them in a strange way and then suddenly started assaulting them. Records said the Egyptian friends tried to defend themselves and were beaten with a hammer and a stick.

The friends managed to run away and reported the matter to the police.

Primary interrogations led to the arrest of six men — two Vietnamese, three Kyrgyz and an Uzbek.

Prosecutors charged the six suspects, aged between 20 and 35, of assaulting the two Egyptian men with a hammer and a stick.

According to the charges, prosecutors said the assailants caused a 15 per cent permanent disability to one of the Egyptians.

Prison wardens did not bring the Vietnamese suspects from their detention and present them before the Dubai Court of First Instance where they were scheduled to enter their pleas on Sunday.

Meanwhile, presiding judge Mohammad Jamal adjourned the case until a translator is made available for the Uzbek and Kyrgyz suspects.

One of the assaulted friends testified to prosecutors that the incident happened shortly after they went to the flat for a massage.

“When we knocked the door, one of the Vietnamese suspects answered the door. We agreed with him on the price … then we went to the next door building to withdraw cash because we did not have enough cash on us. When we returned to the flat, the six suspects assaulted us for unknown reasons … they beat us with their hands and they also used a hammer and an electric stick. We tried to defend ourselves and fled from the flat. We took refuge in a neighbouring flat and called the police. We were rushed to hospital and police raided the flat,” he claimed to prosecutors.

The friend confirmed his countryman’s statement.

A police corporal testified to prosecutors that the Vietnamese duo were apprehended first.

“Upon questioning, the Vietnamese suspects alleged that the Egyptian friends entered the flat to do massage before they locked the door, pretended to be policemen and asked them for money … then they assaulted them until they ran away,” he claimed to prosecutors.

The trial continues.

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