Social media meets music with Guvera Social

  • Guvera, the award-winning online music streaming app, introduces UAE to music streaming with a social twist
  • As part of Guvera’s latest Guvera 3.0 update, the music streaming company takes music to a personal level with its seamless social music feature
  • Guvera offers free access to popular and chart-topping local Arabic, International and Bollywood artists while providing royalties to the artists and record labels responsible for producing it.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 16 June 2016 – Guvera, Australia’s award-winning music streaming service, introduces the music streaming world to social music. Guvera’s social feature helps members to discover new music through the people that they know and trust, their friends and followers.

On Guvera, members can follow their friends, favourite influencers and artists in much the same way that any other social media app works. Each member has a social music feed where they can keep abreast of the latest and greatest in the music industry through the playlists and channels made and followed by friends, brands and influencers. The feed also includes trending stations, suggested members and brands. A member’s social feed also appears on their own profile and lists all the action that they’ve taken in the app, who they’ve listened to, which new people or brands they’re following and what tracks they’ve added to their personal playlists.

Ananya Amin, Guvera Chief Commercial Officer India and Middle East, said, “The app’s social feed is a dynamic community. It’s a story that shows what music those you follow have listened to, who they’ve followed and what tracks they’ve added to their playlists. By sending a track, album or playlist directly to one person or to a group of followers, a user can share a music memory, encourage friends to check out new music or share a playlist that they have on high rotation. Now that we have noticed a paradigm shift from web-based downloading to mobile streaming, we feel the need to take music streaming a step further and make it an experience we share with near and dear ones.”

The private messaging function of Guvera is ideal for sharing one’s own playlists with one’s social group, and to link tracks, albums and playlists for easy reference for the future.

Guvera is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, tablets and smartphones, as well a desktop version via Guvera is also available to use on the Apple Watch.


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