Student cleared of beating policeman after car chase

Appeal Court acquits him for lack of evidence that he pushed and assaulted policeman

Dubai: A student won his appeal after a court acquitted him of assaulting a policeman who chased his car before it got into an accident that made him stop his vehicle.

According to the case, traffic police officers were alerted about a reckless motorist, who had been driving dangerously on Sharjah roads.

In an attempt to stop him, traffic police chased the 23-year-old student from Comoros Islands until he reached Dubai where he got involved in an accident that forced him to stop his vehicle.

When a policemen tried to arrest the student, he ran away. One of the policemen ran behind him and tried to prevent him from climbing a villa’s wall during which he assaulted the policeman.

In April, the Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the student to three months in jail for beating and pushing the policeman during arrest. He was also handed a deportation order.

The student appealed the ruling before the Appeal Court and pleaded not guilty.

He contended that he did not assault the policeman and maintained that the latter assaulted him.

Defending himself in the appellate court, the student said he got involved in an accident while not wearing the seat belt and contended that he was taken to hospital after the accident.

The student refuted the allegation of climbing a villa’s wall, telling the court that the incident happened on a highway.

Citing lack of corroborated evidence, presiding judge Eisa Al Sharif overturned the student’s three-month jail term and acquitted the suspect. His deportation order was also cancelled.

The policeman alleged that the suspect was driving his car recklessly and endangering the lives of road users. “Once we located his car on Dubai streets, we chased his car to stop him. He rammed his car into another that made him stop … he jumped out of his vehicle and ran away. I chased him and tried to stop him from climbing a villa’s wall … while doing so, he pushed me and assaulted me. My colleagues and I restrained him and took him into custody,” he claimed.

The appellate ruling remains subject to appeal before the Cassation Court.

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