Supervisor locked sleeping welder inside flat

Welder woke up to go to work but found himself stuck as doors were locked by the suspect

Dubai: A supervisor has been accused of locking up a welder inside a flat shared by six persons and used as a labour accommodation, a court heard on Wednesday.

In the February 2017 incident, the 31-year-old Egyptian welder could not go to work after waking up 6.20am, as the door of the flat in the English Cluster at the Dubai International City was locked from outside.

When he realised he had been locked inside, the welder called the police, according to records, and asked them to come and help him.

When the police went to the building, the welder told them from behind closed doors that his 25-year-old Egyptian supervisor had locked the door from outside.

Records said the supervisor sent duplicate keys of the flat to the police before the door was opened and the welder walked out.

Prosecutors accused the 25-year-old suspect of confining his countryman inside the flat by demanded a worker to lock the door from outside.

The suspect entered a not-guilty plea when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday.

“I didn’t confine him. I asked the worker to lock the door and head to work, but I did not see or know that the complainant was inside the flat,” argued the 25-year-old before presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi.

The welder told prosecutors: “The door was locked from outside. I called the police and told them that the suspect had locked the door. The suspect alleged to the police, when they contacted him, that I had locked myself in the flat. Then he sent the key to the police who opened the door and let me out.

“The person who brought the key to the police said the suspect had intentionally locked the door after evicting the workers,” he testified to prosecutors.

The Pakistani worker, who locked the door, testified to prosecutors that the suspect had instructed him to lock the door following the departure of all the workers from the flat.

The trial continues.

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