Supervisor slanders businesswoman for firing him

Suspect sends slanderous emails to her accusing her of being a prostitute and stripper

Dubai: A supervisor has been accused of sending an email to his woman boss in which he slurred and insulted her and accused her of being a prostitute and stripping after she fired him.

The Uzbek businesswoman was said to have hired the 30-year-old Indian to work for her company as a carpenter and workers’ supervisor in October 2016.

After some time, the businesswoman realised that the Indian had been lazy and showing up late at work, according to records, and later stopped transporting the workers to worksites.

Once the supervisor stopped coming to work at all, the Uzbek woman terminated his contract and kicked him out of the company.

Thereafter, the Indian started pestering the businesswoman repeatedly and sending her emails in which he cursed her and accused her of being a dirty woman and a stripper, besides claiming that she is a sex worker.

The businesswoman reported the matter to the police that apprehended the Indian man.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of misusing the telecommunication system by sending several emails in which he cursed his boss, slandered and maligned her reputation and threatened to post her nude photos and sexual messages on Facebook and other social media networks.

The suspect pleaded not guilty when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday.

He asked presiding judge Urfan Omar to dismiss the case because he had already been tried on the same charges before the Dubai Misdemeanours Court.

The businesswoman claimed to prosecutors that the incident happened shortly after she had fired the suspect for his laziness. “I fired him in January 2017 … since then he started harassing and disturbing me with his slanderous emails. In his emails, he accused me of being a prostitute and claimed that he had naked photos of us together. He also claimed that he had messages of sexual content that we had allegedly exchanged. Then he posted my photo on a Facebook wall and commented that I stole his money and fired him. In an email, he threatened to publish the sex messages and to destroy my life and finish me if I reported him to the police. His actions and behaviour shamed me and embarrassed me before my husband and employees … he also alleged that we had sex. He did not file a labour lawsuit against me but I was the one who took him to the Labour Court,” the Uzbek testified to prosecutors. The trial continues.

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