Tadweer collects 1.1 million tonnes of waste during first half of 2018

ABU DHABI, 10th September, 2018 (WAM) — The Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre, Tadweer, today announced that it collected 1,147,844 tonnes of waste, amounting to a daily average of 6,376.90 tonnes of waste, from all regions across Abu Dhabi during the first half of 2018.

This waste includes municipal solid waste, green waste and bulky waste from residential areas, animal waste from farms, slaughterhouse waste and low volume demolition and construction waste.

The waste was collected through Tadweer’s operational service contracts, which provide local waste collection and transportation services, but does not include industrial and commercial waste that is separately collected by environmental services providers licensed by Tadweer.

At 460,322.16 tonnes, municipal solid waste accounted for 40.01 percent of the total waste collected by Tadweer’s facilities during the first six months of 2018 while green waste collected from residential areas and farms totalled 267,716.61 tonnes, or 23.32 percent, and bulky waste amounted to 58,754.99 tonnes, or 5.12 percent.

The environmental services providers contracted by Tadweer collect and transport waste from residential areas to Tadweer’s treatments and disposal facilities where waste is recycled, treated and disposed of, in compliance with the highest international environmental standards. One of the commonly-used treatment methods is converting agricultural and organic wastes to organic fertilisers, which benefits the local agricultural sector.

Dr Salem Al Kaabi, Acting General Manager of Tadweer, said, “The rapid population growth and unprecedented urbanisation of Abu Dhabi have led to a dramatic increase in consumption and waste production. At Tadweer, we have adopted a comprehensive waste management strategy that focusses on reducing waste and minimising waste disposal and treatment costs. Through turning waste into economically important resources and offering best-in-class waste management services, Tadweer supports Abu Dhabi’s sustainable development agenda and is helping it achieve the goals outlined in the Plan Abu Dhabi 2030.”

“Since early 2018, Tadweer has intensified its efforts to address the environmental challenges facing the emirate of Abu Dhabi and mitigate the adverse impact of waste on our environment. As part of this priority, we have implemented several innovative projects, such as Abu Dhabi’s first civic amenity for recyclable materials in Abu Dhabi City, as well as other types of recycling centres,” Al Kaabi added.

“These efforts aim to improve public awareness about the importance of recycling and promote a culture of resource conservation and waste segregation at source. This project and several other recycling initiatives are making Abu Dhabi a global leader in integrated waste management, which complies with international best practices,” he further added.

Al Kaabi also urged community members to adopt a pro-environmental mindset and abstain from random waste disposal that negatively affects the aesthetic appeal of Abu Dhabi.

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