Tadweer opens first civic amenity in Abu Dhabi to promote waste segregation at source

ABU DHABI, 4th July, 2018 (WAM) — In a bid to promote community participation in segregating waste at source, Tadweer (The Centre of Waste Management – Abu Dhabi) has opened its first civic amenity for recyclable waste next to Khalidiyah Park in Abu Dhabi.

A civic amenity for recyclable waste is a residential facility that allows the public to participate in the segregation of recyclable waste through allocating coloured bins for different types of wastes and reusable materials.

The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al-Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, Saif Badr Al Qubaisi, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Municipality City, Falah Al Ahbabi, Chairman of Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, and Chairman of Tadweer, and Dr. Salem Al Kaabi, Acting General Manager of Tadweer, along with several senior government officials.

Following the opening ceremony, Dr. Thani Al-Zeyoudi and Falah Al Ahbabi toured the facility and were briefed on the scheme’s operation and its role in reducing the cost and time required for recycling, while enabling the centre to acquire important data on the types and quantity of waste generated. This will allow Tadweer to make well-informed decisions on waste management in line with the requirements of different areas.

In addition to promoting the culture of waste segregation at source and preventing indiscriminate dumping of waste through allocating designated bins for various types of recyclable waste, the scheme will help maintain a healthy and sustainable environment in Abu Dhabi and preserve the city’s aesthetic appeal.

Dr. Al-Zeyoudi said: “This community scheme will help achieve the objectives of the UAE National Agenda 2021, as it aims to segregate waste at source and dispose of it in an innovative manner. In addition to minimising per capita waste generation, we need to convert waste from landfills and turn it into useful materials that support recycling industries.”

Al Ahbabi said: “The civic amenity emphasises Tadweer’s priority to provide safe and environment-friendly facilities within Abu Dhabi’s residential communities and neighbourhoods to streamline the collection, separation and treatment of waste. In addition to its significant economic and environmental benefits to Abu Dhabi, the initiative that is in line with our sustained mandate to apply the latest waste management systems and technologies in the emirate, will help reduce the cost of waste segregation and preserve the environment.”

Dr. Salem Al Kaabi, Acting General Manager of Tadweer, said: “Tadweer places strong emphasis on enhancing community awareness about the importance of waste recycling among various segments as recycling is one of the most effective ways to curb waste generation. We are confident this initiative will deliver several positive outcomes and support Abu Dhabi’ efforts to achieve sustainable development.”

Tadweer is implementing the scheme in seven residential areas of Abu Dhabi including Khalidiyah Park. Colour-coded waste bins have been allocated to collect more than 12 different types of recyclable waste including glass, plastic, metal, electrical devices, paper, cartons and bulky waste. The bins display instructions on the type of waste collected and are attractively designed to best-in-class industry specifications to encourage the public to use them more frequently.

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