Talent accelerator programme launched

The initiative offers the opportunity for 30 talented Arab candidates to kick-start their careers

Dubai: Al Tayyar Strategic Online Business Unit has launched an intensive professional development programme to shape the future of 30 Arab youth looking to kick-start their careers, it was announced.

The six-month programme called Jadarah (meaning ability) will see industry giants such as Google, Twitter, Amadeus, Facebook and Udacity unite with the home-grown digital travel company to give young people an insight into some of the world’s most successful businesses and provide them with the tools to strive for their own success in the digital space.

Run by Al Tayyar’s Strategic Online Business Units in Riyadh, Dubai and Cairo, the programme offers training for the 30 participants. It will be a paid opportunity which will possibly lead to a full-time role at the online unit, or potentially with one of the programme partners.

Commenting on the initiative, Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Dawood, CEO, Al Tayyar Travel Group said: “We strongly believe in the diverse talent in Saudi Arabia and the overall region and a programme such as Jadarah aims to empower the young generation who contribute to the economy in line with Saudi’s 2030 vision.”

Mohammad Chbib, Head of the Al Tayyar Strategic Online Business Unit said Jadarah has been handcrafted and developed as a stepping stone for graduates and people with less than three years experience to kick-start their career.

“Here at the Al Tayyar Strategic Online Business Unit, we are passionate about nurturing and developing local talent whilst at the same time acknowledging their efforts by reimbursing participants to gain the education and insights needed to steer their career,” he said.

“The truth is that, there aren’t enough resources available to graduates that will prepare them with the knowledge and hands-on experience required in the current job market especially in innovative technology companies.”

Jadarah will be exclusively available to Arab nationals, with eligible candidates being fresh graduates and candidates with less than three years of professional work experience.

The six-month intensive programme will be offering participants the opportunity to join one of two courses — Business or Technology Development. Successful applicants will gain entrepreneurial skills through an intensive on-the-job training under the leadership of some of the most brilliant minds in the regional and global digital industry.

Each participant will rotate between different areas of the business, to experience different roles within the organisation. Participants will also be associated to a dedicated mentor and will have the opportunity to join weekly guest speaking slots to build and enhance their networking space.

To learn more about Jadarah or to apply online, visit www.jadarah.com

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