Teenagers thrashed and paraded for eve-teasing

Police arrest two after video of teenagers being tortured and humiliated in public goes viral

Patna: Two teenagers were badly beaten up, undressed and paraded through the streets with their faces smeared black for allegedly teasing girls in Bihar in what is being termed as another “crude justice” by local villagers.

The incident took place in the Silao market in Nalanda, the home district of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, on Sunday but was reported to the authorities only yesterday.

Reports said some girls were passing through the areas when two boys riding a bike passed lewd comments on them and allegedly teased the victims who cried for help.

Hearing their cries, the local villagers rushed to the spot, gave a hot chase to the bikers and caught them after overtaking their motorcycle at some distance.

Witnesses said soon after being overpowered, the accused boys were taken to the same market place where they were first badly thrashed by villagers. Tearful appeals by boys to forgive them just fell flat.

Subsequently, they had their clothes taken off and faces smeared black with coal before making them parade through the streets with slogans written on their chest and back. The slogans said they are “eve-teasers” and being punished for committing the crime.

Reports said the accused boys were paraded in undergarments only for some two hours before being sent back home by a local passenger bus in the same state.

“This is the rural law … this is our way of punishment. These boys should not have broken the old law of the society,” a local villager Mohammad Gazi Ahmad told a local media.

The villagers also made a video of the entire incident and put it on the social media. The police acted only when the video went viral.

“We have arrested two persons for torturing two youths. They should not have taken law in their own hands,” a local police official Rajesh Kumar Chaudhary told Gulf News.

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