The 20 items UAE residents should declutter now

In this week’s Money section in The National, we examine the sharing economy and how renting or borrowing items can be more cost-effective than buying. In addition, we profiled UAE residents who have decided to live a simpler life, ridding themselves of personal possessions and only keeping what they need.

Those interested in leading a similar lifestyle, should tune into the advice from the professional organiser Shelina Jokhiya, managing director of Decluttrme. Here she recommends 20 ‘must not-have’ items that you can clear out from your home today:


1. Boxes – either for your devices such as Apple products, kitchen gadgets, shoes boxes and cereal boxes

2. Broken electronics – irons, blenders, vacuum cleaners

3. Power cords including USB cords that don’t fit into anything you have now

Kitchen items

4. Mismatched glasses and crockery

5. Electronic kitchen gadgets

6. Useless kitchen contraptions – banana slicers or milk frothers

Paper products and stationery

7. Scrap paper

8. Old Newspapers and Magazines (Time Out 2011 is obsolete)

9. Receipts, unless they have a warranty on them

10. Take away menus – order online instead


11. Make-up used or unused

12. Out of date medicine – hand them over at your local pharmacy.

13. Toiletries you do not use – all those moisturisers, spray tans and bubble baths


14. Spare buttons

15. Old bed sheets and extra sets

16. Items you bought and never returned to the shop that will never fit

17. Hangers from dry cleaners


18. Spare change – take it to the bank or give it to charity

19 Anything in those unopened goody bags including mugs, key chains, flash drives, leaflets, etc

20 Candles that you don’t like using

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