The art of giving is possible for everyone

The Year of Giving is never over — every year, every month and every day can be about giving

1. Give now: Don’t wait till you have “a lot” before you start giving. We may have the intention of giving something “substantial” so we postpone giving. Instead, give of whatever you have and give often. If you have Dh20, give Dh5 to someone.

2. Do random acts of giving every week: This could include ordering an extra meal and giving it your building’s security guard, or buying two bottles of water for a worker.

3. Give of your time: Time is the most precious resource. Giving someone your undivided attention, sending a sick friend food, a grieving friend your love and companionship are all ways you can continue to keep giving.

4. Divide by 3: Whenever you get a bonus, a gift or your pay cheque, divide it by three. One portion to save, the other to spend, and the last to give to someone in need.

5. Pay attention: There are people everywhere who are in need — be it money, basic human needs, or love, care and a smile. If you pay attention, you won’t have to look far to give.

6. Volunteer: Whether it is helping to clean up the beach or working for a non-profit, there are many ways you can give back from your pocket or your time.

7. Conserve and recycle: Part of giving is actually not being wasteful so there is more for others. Turning off your lights, freezing your leftovers for another day, recycling etc are all ways you can care for resources and so there is more to invest in others.

8. Give of your talent: Whether it is decorating, balancing a chequebook, or having a workout regimen, there are those that can benefit from your skills and talent.

9. Make a plan: Be conscious and deliberate about a ‘giving’ plan. Embed some ‘triggers’ for you to build a consistent habit of giving.

10. Giving to yourself: If you are giving to others, and caring for others, it is important that you care for yourself first. Sleeping, eating right, exercising, tending to yourself and doing things that bring you joy are all ways you can incorporate self-care into your life.

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