This Bihar man eats a brick a day to get into Guinness Book

Patna, Bihar, India: The quest of fame has seen people doing various kinds of eccentric acts.

But a man from Bihar has been doing something even more bizarre — he has been eating one brick a day just to get his name enter into the Guinness Book of World Record.

Sunil Paswan, 30, who hails from Chandwa village in Katihar district of Bihar, has been eating one brick, used for construction works, for the past 10 years and without fail.

The repeated appeals from his parents, wife, children and even the co-villagers have just failed to deter him such is his frenzy.

“I can’t live without eating bricks. I eat one brick every day and it has not harmed me anyway,” Paswan who runs a tea stall at his village town says.

“I want to see my name registered into the Guinness Book and till then it happens, I will continue doing that,” he asserted.

What started as a passion to let the world know about him has now become a part of his life. “I eat even after I have taken food. It looks I am missing something when I don’t eat bricks,” he says.

According to him, as a child he had eaten coal and this habit continued well for years but later he switched over to bricks.

He said he didn’t face any health complications after eating bricks. “Initially, my parents would routinely ask me to give up this habit but now they have stopped doing that,” he claims. His wife too is not happy with this kind of this habit but says she can’t do anything when he himself is happy with that. “When I reached home after wedding, I was surprised to know about his brick-eating habit and prohibited him from doing so but he refused to take notice. But one thing I can say with certainty that he never complained of indigestion or consulted a doctor over it since I know him,” said his wife Sulekha Devi.

The doctors too are surprised to know about his habit. “I am really surprised to know that the man has been digesting bricks without any health complications. It is amazing,” said Dr PK Singh.



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