Threats, innuendo in Israel questioning of Ahed

Ramallah: The family of Palestinian protest icon Ahed Tamimi has released a video in which two male Israeli regime interrogators are seen threatening the then-16-year-old and commenting on her body, fair skin and “eyes of an angel”.

One of the men is seen moving to within inches of Tamimi, who remains silent.

Excerpts from the 90-minute interrogation video, viewed in full by The Associated Press, were released Monday by Tamimi’s father.

Israeli activist Jonathan Pollak says the December 26 footage was in the file handed to the defence when an indictment was filed.

Under a plea deal, Tamimi is serving eight months in prison. She was arrested December 19 for slapping and kicking two Israeli occupation soldiers outside her West Bank home.

Israeli regime officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Meanwhile, Israeli regime fighter jets struck a Hamas target in the Gaza Strip on Monday in response to two explosive devices found near Israel’s border with the blockaded territory, the military said.

No injuries were reported in the strike, but it comes amid a wave of mass protests by Palestinians along Israel’s border with Gaza that have drawn Israeli fire.

Also on Monday, the Health Ministry in Gaza said a 45-year-old Palestinian man has died of his wounds after being shot in the legs by Israeli troops during a protest late last month.

The man’s death brings to 32 the number of people killed by Israeli regime fire since March 30.

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