Three of the best UAE mobile plans with a free smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Benefits: Sign up for one of three postpaid plans with Etisalat and receive the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for free. The plans range from Dh265 per month for 24 months with a 5 gigabyte data bundle and 200 flexi or 500 local minutes, to Dh650 for an 18-month contract with 20 GB and 750 flexi or 2,000 local minutes.

Beware of: An additional monthly rental charge of Dh25 applies for the 64GB model.

iPhone 6S

Benefits: Sign up for a 24-month contract with du and pay zero upfront for a new iPhone 6S. This offer applies to the 16GB iPhone 6S with a 10GB data plan, with payments of Dh200 spread over 24 months. Shorter tenures are available, but there will then be a charge for the device, such as Dh1,199 for a 12 month contract.

Beware of: If a customer withdraws direct debit instructions for the plan, then unpaid charges will be recovered.

Samsung S5 (LTE) Dual Sim

Benefits: Apply for a 10GB data bundle on a 24-month contract with du and receive your Samsung S5 free. Contract holders must then commit to paying Dh200 a month and cannot break the tenure without penalty.

Beware of: You must be a credit card holder with certain MasterCard or Visa cards to be eligible for the promotion.

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