Tour exploring ancient traditions of camel convoys returns to Al Ain

Sun 14-01-2018 10:00 AM

AL AIN, 14th January, 2018 (WAM) — The new ‘Travel Through Our Traditions’ tour series returned on Saturday, 13th January, taking participants on a journey through Al Ain to explore the ancient traditions of camel convoys and the rearing and breeding on local camel farms.

The tour began at Ain National Museum and took visitors across various camel farms in the city, where they had the chance to learn more about the rich history behind camel rearing, breeding and camel convoys in Emirati culture and heritage. Camels were famously used for travel, trading, and a source for leather, milk and meat.

Traditionally, camel owners would set out in groups of three to four at the start of the summer season and journey to coastal cities where they would transport city dwellers to cooler parts of the nation and towards oases. These camel owners were usually bedouins known for their loyalty, expertise, and resourcefulness on the desert roads. The lush Al Ain Oasis site was popular in the UAE for its palm trees, seasonal crops and fruits, and its easy access to water and wells.

Hosted by Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism at Al Ain National Museum, Travel Through Our Traditions will return for its third and final installment for 2018 on 17th February 2018.

Aiming to preserve customs and traditions for future generations, the Department of Culture and Tourism supports UNESCO’s efforts through organising educational activities that present the rich heritage of the Emirate and educate the wider community about the importance of the World Heritage sites.

WAM/Rasha Abubaker

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