Travel ban: Emiratis told to keep out of these three countries

Dubai: Authorities in the UAE have issued a travel advisory to more than 10 countries, and warned Emiratis against travelling to three countries.

As schools come to a close and families gear up for their annual summer holiday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) has warned travellers against visiting certain countries due to political reasons, or security and health concerns.

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Emiratis are prohibited from visiting Qatar, the mountain region of Karabakh (located in the South Caucasus) and Lebanon.

The ministry has also issued a travel warning to 13 countries and cautioned travellers to exercise caution when visiting such unstable destinations, including Brazil, the Republic of Yemen and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Travel warnings

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has alerted residents to take caution when travelling to these countries:

  Country Date of issue Warning reason
1 Brazil 26/2/2018 Security situation
2 Madagascar 20/11/2017 Plague 
3 Democratic Republic of Congo 28/12/2016 Security situation
4 Yemen 21/9/2014 Security situation
5 Republic of South Sudan 10/8/2014 Security situation
6 Afghanistan 10/8/2014 Security situation
7 Somalia 10/8/2014 Security situation
8 Ukraine 21/7/2014 Security situation
9 Pakistan 26/6/2014 Security situation
10 Syria 13/6/2014 Security situation
11 Nigeria 13/6/2014 Security situation
12 Iraq 28/3/2013 Security situation
13 Libya 11/10/2012 Security situation

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation


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